There a so many ways you can help:

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  • Fundraising

  • Administrative duties

  • Puppy raiser

  • Dog walker

  • "Respite"

  • Sponsor

  • Education

  • Photography/video

  • Help in fairs/events

  • Help in networking


Be a Volunteer

  • Bronze - $1,000 provides a collar,leash, vest,harness and photo of the service dog with the new equipment
  • Silver - $1,500  provide  food and medical care for the 1st year
  • Gold - $3,000 provide all the above and includes your naming a service dog and receiving as yearly photo
  • Platinum- $30,000 provides full training and care for a service dog. You can name your dog and receive yearly photo of your working team and a brief biography of the permanent handler                                                                              *all donations are tax deductible and any amount is appreciated
  • Build a fundraiser
  • Vet care
  • Treatments
  • Heartworm and Flea prevention
  • Gas cards
  • Crates
  • Dog toys

Become a donor


A loving,caring person who opens his/her heart and home to help change the lives of others.

A puppy raiser provides an array of opportunities to a puppy being raised for service work such as: a safe home, healthy diet, medical attention, the teaching of basic commands with exposure to the community and the most all commitment . The puppy raiser takes the puppies everywhere: to work, out to eat, on trips and even grocery shopping.This real world training imitates the experience that our dogs need to successfully become part of the service team.


What is an ADL Puppy Raiser?